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Street Armor | Pancho Villa V1.0 Build

All I know about pattern-making and sewing - I learned from exchanging half of a kilo-worth for menswear design mentorship from - who is not an old friend of mine - a Los Angeles menswear design veteran. This was DTLA 2012 - when I was stumping around the fashion district connecting the dots and meeting the right people. During that time, I met some great people... but man... its like for every good person you meet there are 10 fakers that you first have to "run-thru" to get to the realness.

Everything starts with some way to add some stability to the fabric with some fusible material.

e want a double-welt pocket, and the first attempt above... looks OK from the outside but a bit too much fabric bulk - so lets re-pattern, recut and re-sew....

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