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DRO & Zumiez Partnership


For Immediate Release

Seattle, WA, December 2, 2020.

Lifestyle Brand DRO® announces retail partnership with American multinational specialty clothing store Zumiez for apparel distribution in 600 retail locations spanning across 50 US states.

Zumiez - a publicly traded company head-quartered in Lynwood, WA - specializes in offering of apparel, footwear, accessories and hard-goods for young men and women.

“DRO is for the realest people, so expect clothing made by real people for real people,” Flocka says about the DRO Zumiez partnership. “Real recognize real.”

Amidst the Covid pandemic -  DRO® has been able to sustain exponential growth over the past 12 - 14 months by continuing to execute on a critical roadmap that includes ongoing delivery of new collections every 45 days while levering light-weight marketing activities with various influencers in the music, skateboarding and underground cultures.

"We have been able to sustain our growth by sticking to our strengths on DTC online retail and doubling down on customer retention and reoccurring purchases from our dedicated "cult-like" followers" - Pauly Blunts said.

According to the UK-based data analytics company, GlobalData, COVID-19 will wipe off $297 billion revenue from the global apparel market in 2020. The US will account for 42% of total loss. Many apparel brands have discontinued production of inventory with the fear of not having the ability to continue distribution due to how the Covid pandemic and this side effect has limited the ability for apparel buyers to find sellable inventory. 

Please visit your local Zumiez to view the DRO capsule collection and please remember to wear a face mask and practice social distancing while visiting all Zumiez retail locations.

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