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DRO F21 Collection

Coast to Coast Imports Pullover Hoodie

This grouping of items are influenced by the BMW film series "The Hire" - a series of eight short films produced for the Internet in 2001 and 2002 - and secret compartments.

Moto Club Medellin Pullover Hoodie

Medellin Colombia as a law that requires all motorcycle riders to wear highly-visible and colorful vest and helmets and display their registration number on both items. Bonus points for linking this style to another style on this same drop ;)

The Legend of GriZelda Long Sleeve Shirt

This style is a mashup of video game, anime and cartel influenced cultures. Inspired primarily by the story of Griselda Blanco - this long sleeve shirt borrows some of the design aesthetics from a well know classic video game we all love.

DRO Legend of GriZelda Long Sleeve Shirt DRO Legend of GriZelda Long Sleeve Shirt - Xtendo Series DRO Legend of Grizelda Long Sleeve Shirt

Stop Crying T-Shirt

Kids are too soft these days... Something that has been said by every generation. Perhaps we should make a t-shirt that talks about emotional intelligence next time.


I Still Fuck With My Hood Long Sleeve Shirt

Wealth is not a bank account - is a tool that can be used to help families, friends and community. Don't forget where you came from and who brought you here, because they haven't.

90s Black Shirt

Just a simple rendition of 90s pop culture colors and shapes that are the roots of many of the graphical content created during that time in life.

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