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My Father’s Truck

Throughout my childhood, my father always had several types of jobs, but the line of work remain similar - either a salesman or something related to cars.

At one point, he had an odd job working for one of my uncles who had a welding shop in the side side of the city. During that time, he used to pick up my brother and I from elementary school in this one blue GMC pickup truck.

The truck was a bit old and it swayed in a funny way here and there when you gave it some gas because it has an extended bed with 30+ years of carrying heavy loads, yet seemed reliable and safe to drive. The interior of the truck was huge and the cab always had a sweet smell to it. 

The strangest thing about the truck was that it had several gas tanks - yet only a single tank was for gasoline.

One day the truck was gone.

When I asked - my father just told me that it wasn’t the type of trucks you keep around.