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5280 feet of Downhill

I used to skate about a mile to school each day and walk back home at night. The school bell rang at 2PM in the afternoon and the school would usually let us out around 9PM… straight into the night. 

I am far from being diplomat. 

But you quickly learn to negotiate an environment when 90% of the students in your school are the rejects from others city school - who got expelled from their classrooms for fighting, drinking and/or having some sort of drugs and/or guns on them. 

Years ago the school system - with the idea of being able to visually separate gang members from students on the streets - had decided to allow each school to pick the color of their student’s uniform and enforce each student to wear it daily. Fast forward 20 years later and now the stripe down the outseam of your school uniform pants may as well be a colored flag sticking out from the back pocket of your sagging’ pants.

Unlike the way home from school - getting there was a breeze as the daily hot-paved downhill trip included dodging taxi drivers the often ran the red lights and rabies-infected street dogs that chase all moving object down the street that had wheels and I had 4 of them under my feet.

Kick Push - ( Dodge Taxi + Avoid Rabies )  = my daily ride to school.